The start of a new Journey

The start of a new Journey

Last week Wednesday was my last day at the office at Rakuten Inc. and the last in the corporate world. As many others, I always was considering to have my own business, and now the day has come that I take the plunge. Doing that right here in Japan is a huge challenge but super exciting at the same time. It is something that requires me to be brave, deal with uncertainties, handle setbacks but most of all because...

- I am an engineer -

I must have been about 11 years old that I asked myself the question how they make those disco lights react to music. I wanted to build something like that too (and better)! Starting in our shed using my fathers' tools and materials, I worked on my - improved - version of disco lights for my bedroom. I bought some 230V coloured lights from the local DIY shop, plywood for the enclosure, some electric wires, and a fluorescent lamp starter.

For a couple of weeks, I put all my creativity, knowledge and sweat into this contraption by soldering the lamps, the starter, and the wires. With the enclosure assembled and painted, the disco lights were complete! So I thought.

  • I experienced that a 230V shock is not fun and your arm will stay numb for a couple of hours...
  • I experienced my mom never being so mad after causing multiple blackouts in the house...
  • I learned that a fluorescent lamp starter makes the lights erratically blink but nowhere close to the rhythm of the music (what was I thinking :) )
  • I learned that testing before the final layer paint is better. Taking my enhanced version of disco lights apart over and over could have easily been avoided.

- I am an idealist -

"True knowledge is born through experience. You have to physically bore into the details of something to fully understand it. Hands-on discovery and exploration are required to innovate. Mastery is required, time is needed; you have to spend time experimenting." -


After having spent many years in various IT roles and 2 years working at Rakuten for Global Ichiba (Service Management / Product Management), I decided it is time for me to give others the same possibilities and experiences. For all the Students, Children, Engineers, Anime Lovers, Digital Artists, Photographers, Parents, Retirees, Misfits, and Hackers, I am going to provide them a workspace, the tools and the knowledge to become better artists, hackers, designers and future engineers.

To all of my colleagues, friends, mentors, customers, and partners, thank you for the support, guidance, and laughter during all those years!

It's time for me to go on a journey...

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