Moving to Bulma

Moving to Bulma

It is that time again. My website uses Grav as the CMS for managing all the various pages and blog articles, and the Skeleton boilerplate for the overall design structure and CSS layout.

Although Skeleton gives me what I need, I felt it was still missing something. Skeleton has not been in active development for the last 2 years either. so a new CSS framework was something my website could use. It had to be small and responsive with a light and simple look and feel. When I came across Bulma, I was immediately attracted to it's light design and ease of use. Furthermore, Bulma contains more components and UI elements than Skeleton, which allowed me to build page structures and designs quicker.

Bulma is a modern, beautiful and elegant CSS framework developed by Jeremy Thomas that is based on Flexbox. You can use the CSS provided straight out of the box or select the components that you need for your project. Since Bulma is using Sass, it is even more easier to extend and customize it to your liking.

In contrast to many other frameworks like for example Bootstrap, Bulma does not contain any Javascript: it's focus is purely on the style part.

This website now completely makes use of Bulma and took at the same time the opportunity to add a new section that showcases all of my projects (current and past). When I saw the card component, I immediately thought that to be a beautiful piece to present project information. It a while to get everything placed as I wanted, but am quite pleased with the final result :).

Displaying project info using Bulma's Card component

Bulma is still under development and certainly awaiting more improvements and add-ons. I am looking forward to the release of version 1!

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