Rakuten Technology Conference 2014

Rakuten Technology Conference 2014

Attending conferences or seminars always feel somewhat like going to the gym: you know it will make you feel energised,but you have to drag yourself there. The 2014 Rakuten Tech Conference was however different: I expected a lot ofhardcore tech talk and perhaps even some code analysis. It was however much more on ideas/thoughts/vision of informationtechnology.

In stead of writing an extensive summary of each session I attended, I am just going to share an excerpt/sentence thatstuck with me. Full videos are available on the 2014 Rakuten Tech Conference website if you want to know more aboutall the great sessions.

Building Strong Communities around Technology

Patrick Kelso - Puppet

If you are looking for a recipe how to run a community around technology, Patrick Kelso has the answers.

Let’s invent the future

Satoshi Nakajima - Xevo

Innovations are personal matter.

Let's invent the future - Satoshi Nakajima

Keynote Rakuten CEO

Hiroshi Mikitani - Rakuten, Inc.

Look around the corner. Use new technologies (Big Data) and innovative companies to really understand what customers need.

See around the corner - Hiroshi Mikitani Keynote Speech

Diversity Session (Panel discussion)

Aya Komuro - Serverworks/JAWSHaruka Iwao - Red Hat K.K.Yuki Maejima - Crocos, Inc. / Japan PHP Users GroupSeungHee Lee - Rakuten, Inc.Reina Otsuka - Rakuten, Inc.

What kind of work environment is good for women in technology positions? A very interesting topic that in my mind couldhave been easily extended to cultural diversity too. Too short to really cover all ideas and opinions.

Diversity Session (Panel discussion)

Lessons learned from Ruby

Yukihiro Matsumoto - Father of Ruby

Don't Ask for Permission; Beg for Forgiveness

Rakuten Ichiba Globalization - Challenges and Solutions

Olivier Claquin - Rakuten, Inc.

Customisations are fine when manageable; fully configurable software is not always desirable.

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