Moving to Bulma
It is that time again. Moving to the Bulma CSS framework replacing Skeleton as the boilerplate and framework for my website.
Another ESP8266 NTP Client
Yet another ESP8266 NTP Client, however this time with full timezone support.
The start of a new Journey
Last week Wednesday was my last day at the office and the last in the corporate world. As many others, I always was considering to have my own business, and now the day has come that I take the plunge.
Portable Raspberry Pi for Kids
Today's the day to dig out your leftover gadgets and start building a portable Raspberry Pi computer for children!
Working in Japan without speaking Japanese?

If you move to another country it is obvious you need to be able to speak and read the native language. In many situations English might be possible to use, however there are some more exotic languages only in a small part of the world is using. To make the best of your time in your new place you sh...